Waste liquid combustion system


Liquid mist particles SMD≤40μm, uniform size distribution (size distribution index N>2), good atomization effect;
Multi-stage adjustable air distribution, adjustable flame shape, simple operation, high combustion efficiency, and low NOx combustion;
It is suitable for power generation boilers, industrial boilers, fluidized bed boilers, heating furnaces, incinerators, hot blast furnaces, kilns, etc.

Project performance

Xinjiang Xinye Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.
200,000 tons/year 1,4-Butanediol Fine Chemicals Phase I 60000 tons BDO Project Salt-containing Alkali Waste Liquid Combustion System

Zhongtai Group Xinjiang Markor Chemical Co., Ltd.
Green Manufacturing Technology Transformation Integrated Construction Project BDO Plant Tar Comprehensive Utilization Project Combustion System for Salt- and Alkali Waste Liquid