Elevated flare system

The elevated flare system is mainly used for exhaust gas, unbalanced exhaust gas and venting combustion in the production process of petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other enterprises. It is characterized by a large emission adjustment range and the ignition method adopts top secondary ignition or ground deflagration device ignition, which is very safe and reliable. Equipped with a flame monitoring system, it can realize the fire extinguishing alarm of the torch.


The main classification of ground elevated flare system:
Pull-wire type: The overhead pull-wire structure is adopted, which is low in cost and easy to install. It can be equipped with a variety of torch heads to adapt to different gas releases according to needs;
Tower type: It adopts a tower type structure, which is sturdy, strong, and beautiful in appearance. Compared with the pull-wire type, the cost is higher. It is suitable for factories and places where equipment is not suitable for wire pulling. Various torch heads can be equipped according to needs;
Self-supporting type: The self-supporting structure of the dispersing cylinder is adopted, which is suitable for use in the case of small emission amount and low overhead height.

Project performance

Shandong Yongzhi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Synthetic ammonia and ketone combination elevated flare system

Hubei Sanning Chemical Co., Ltd.
2×100,000 tons/year CPL project (Phase I) 100,000 tons/year cyclohexanone plant flare system

Shanxi Dongyi Coal Electric Aluminum Group Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.
Circular Economy Industrial Park Coke Oven Gas Comprehensive Utilization Project—Park flare system

Shandong Yida New Material Co., Ltd.
Flare system for the comprehensive utilization project of 70,000 tons of oil-based needle coke high-precision chemical materials

Shanxi Lu'an Special Solvent Chemical Co., Ltd.
Plant-wide flare system for a new project of 200,000 tons/year monoalkane separation

China?First Heavy?Industries (CFHI)
Flare system for 80,000 tons/year lithium battery anode materials and needle coke for ultra-high power electrodes

Xiangyuan Hongda Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.
3.2 million tons/year JNDX3-6.25-16 type tamping and coking project elevated flare system

CNPC Jilin Petrochemical Branch
101 Dyestuff Factory Elevated Flare System