Regenerative preheating furnace system

In the alkylation spent acid regeneration process, SO2 needs to be mixed with preheated hot air and then enters the SO2 converter to be converted into SO3 under the action of a catalyst. The preheating of the process air is to maintain the ideal temperature of the catalyst bed and to ensure that the SO2 conversion rate is greater than 99.9%.


The regenerative preheating furnace is equipped with an air fan, and high-temperature combustion is carried out through a customized burner, so that stable high-temperature flue gas enters the air heat exchanger, and finally high-temperature air is obtained. A circulating flue gas channel is arranged between the flue gas outlet at the tail of the heat exchanger and the combustion furnace, and part of the low-temperature flue gas discharged from the flue gas outlet at the tail of the heat exchanger is sent into the furnace through a recirculation fan and mixed with the combustion flue gas , By adjusting the circulating flue gas volume, the stability of flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace can be ensured.

Project performance

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Process air preheating system for SAR unit of acrylonitrile expansion technology transformation project

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40 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project Phase I project 260,000 tons/year, Phase II project 360,000 tons/year sulfuric acid plant process air preheating system project

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Sulfur-containing wastewater sulphuric acid project air heating furnace