Waste heat boiler system

The waste heat furnace adopts a combination of an incinerator and a waste heat boiler. The "three wastes" products are first subjected to high-temperature cracking and incineration, and then the medium and high temperature flue gas after incineration is recovered for waste heat. It not only meets the discharge standards after incineration of waste, but also recycles waste heat and reduces operating costs.


The entire waste heat furnace system consists of the following parts: waste storage system, conveying system, combustion-supporting system, incineration system, waste heat recovery system, flue gas purification system, and electric control system.

a. First incineration and then waste heat recovery, full burned, safe, high incineration rate, and stable waste heat recovery.
b. Strong adaptability to working conditions: it can adapt to large fluctuations in emission working conditions and ensure the stable operation of the device.
c. The operation process is simple and the maintenance is convenient.
d. Low operating cost and long equipment life.

Project performance

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