Start-up heating furnace system

The start-up heating furnace is a thermal energy conversion device that uses fuel to burn in the furnace to release chemical energy, generate hot flue gas at different temperatures, and directly heat or indirectly heat the object.


The heating furnace can also use other thermal energy (electrical energy, waste heat) to heat the air, which can be divided into a flue-air mixing furnace below 900°C, a clean air heating furnace from room temperature to 600°C, and those fueled by coal, oil, natural gas, organic waste, etc. Heating furnace, temperature control accuracy of ±5℃ electric heating furnace and waste heat heating furnace, etc.

NBE can design according to the specific technical requirements of each customer to meet the ideal needs of users for the product. The thermal efficiency of the product is more than 5% higher than that of similar domestic products, which saves energy, has good fuel adaptability, and good adaptability to changes in working conditions (wind temperature, Air volume change), easy to use, beautiful appearance, complete measuring points, convenient maintenance and so on. The product complies with "Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard" GB13271-2001.

Project performance

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Acrylonitrile start-up heating furnace