Steam superheating system

The high-temperature flue gas produced by the combustion of by-product gas in the plant is used to heat the low-pressure saturated steam in the plant, and it is collected by the collecting cylinder to provide continuous and stable high-quality superheated steam for the plant. The superheating furnace adopts air-staged low-nitrogen combustion technology, and uses the heat of the flue gas after heat exchange with low-pressure saturated steam to preheat the combustion air to improve the combustion efficiency and reduce the exhaust gas temperature.


a). Adopt low-nitrogen combustion technology, combustion-supporting air preheating process, energy saving and environmental protection.
b). The structural design is reasonable and compact, and small footprint, which can significantly improve the quality of low-pressure saturated steam, is safe and reliable, and has significant economic and social benefits.

Project performance

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